Friday, October 13, 2023

Common Thread - "Lydia Elle"

Photo by Jody McFarland

We don't cover a ton of reissues here, but sometimes an artist being reissued is new to us and absolutely thrilling to discover. That's the case with Common Thread. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, their second album, Fountain, was released in 1993 only on cassette, and to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary it's being released on vinyl and streaming services for the first time. Right now we can hear "Lydia Elle" from the reissue, and holy hell... this would have been life changing for me in 1993. "Lydia Elle" is a beast of a song that combines the noise and coolness of indie rockers like Sonic Youth, the sheer power and near metal side of The Jesus Lizard, the wave of shoegaze noise of The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the dark post-punk groove of Joy Division. Hearing Common Thread in 2023 is nearly life changing, so I can't imagine hearing this as a teenager. 

You can listen to "Lydia Elle" below. The reissue of Fountain is due out December 8 on Fort Lowell Records, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Common Thread, check out Fort Lowell Records' website.

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