Monday, October 16, 2023

Stop Calling Me Frank - "My Band On Her T-Shirt"

Stop Calling Me Frank were one of many Boston bands that were fans of and friends with Justine Covault. Their latest single is a tribute to their late friend. "My Band On Her T-Shirt" is an upbeat and joyous garage rock song, which is perfect for any tribute to Justine. There is no sense of sadness with "My Band On Her T-Shirt." Instead, the song is a celebration of Justine and what she meant to the scene. It's a catchy and absolutely fun track heavy with horns, and is a perfect tribute.

Stop Calling Me Frank says of their new song:

"Stop Calling Me Frank has a new song inspired by, and dedicated to, Justine Covault. Justine was not only a terrific song-writer, bass player, vocalist, guitar player, and music impresario, she was a great friend. Justine came to a lot of our shows wearing her customized Stop Calling Me Frank t-shirt, with the collar cut off. Sometimes she would wear that shirt at her own shows! She was an enthusiastic supporter, and promoter, of many bands, and it was a great privilege that we were one of her favorites. She was one of our favorites, too."

You can listen to "My Band On Her T-Shirt" below. The single is available now via Rum Bar Records and can be downloaded through Bandcamp. For more on Stop Calling Me Frank, check out the artist on Facebook.

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