Thursday, October 5, 2023

FEEP - "Stigmata Syndrome"

Photo by Sandra Abarca

FEEP, the Boston band that took their name from WNAC-TV's alien horror host of the 1960's, just released a new track that crams multiple sounds into a single song. "Stigmata Syndrome" has that vintage, spacey garage rock sound we've come to love from FEEP, and it's the perfect sound for a band that took their name from a horror host. This new song starts off with some John Carpenter style synth notes, and, as any song called "Stigmata Syndrome" should, the song leans heavily into the metal side of things. This one rocks harder than any previous FEEP song has before. They even add in a heavy dose of psychedelic guitars to close the song out. "Stigmata Syndrome" clocks in at a little over four minutes, but the track feels much more epic in scope than that.

You can listen to "Stigmata Syndrome" below. For more on FEEP, check out the band's website.

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