Thursday, February 1, 2024

Mama Zu - "Make a Joke"

Photo courtesy Mama Zu

We've brought you two singles from Mama Zu, the musical project of Jessi Zazu and Linwood Regensburg from Those Darlins recorded before Zazu's death in 2017. "Lip" sounded more like the classic country style of Those Darlins, and "Safe Place to Stay" was a more pop focused/AM radio style. The latest single, "Make a Joke," comes completely out of left field compared to the first two. The new single is still somewhat pop focused, but sounds like a middle ground between Le Tigre and Bikini Kill. "Make a Joke" straight up rocks, but it also has a surprisingly dance friendly side to it. Plus, it's just overflowing with riot grrrl attitude. This is an unexpected but very welcome side of Jessi Zazu.

Linwood Regensburg says of the new single:

“The beginning demo of this song was sent to me via email from Jessi along with this message: ‘This song is for people who make discriminatory jokes about women who ‘don't think they're part of the problem.’ They might not actually harm women physically, but its still perpetuating rape culture and keeping alive this idea that it's okay to talk or treat women as if they are items to be had.’ Also...shout out to the infinite influence of Kathleen Hanna and the Minutemen. Punk rock can change our lives.”

You can listen to "Make a Joke" below. Quilt Floor is due out February 23 on Thirty Tigers, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Mama Zu, check out the project on Instagram and Facebook.

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