Monday, February 12, 2024

Saigon and Fredro featuring Pete Rock - "Get Loose"

Saigon and Fredro have the upcoming The Jordan Era project, which is a love letter to hip hop during 1986 to 1996. For their latest single, "Get Loose," they enlisted hip hop legend Pete Rock. Pete Rock doesn't do many verses these days, so any time he shows up on a song it is automatically a huge deal. Plus, "Get Loose" sounds like it was released in the early 90's. It's going to remind you of classic artists like A Tribe Called Quest and Eric B & Rakim. It's nostalgic for my personal favorite period of hip hop, and they even teamed with one of the most celebrated (yet still somehow underrated) MCs of the period.

Saigon says of the new single:

“I’ve always thought Pete was a dope rapper since 'The Creator,' so I took the opportunity to get him to step away from behind the boards; where he is most comfortable, and 'Get Loose' with me. With all of the negativity in Hip-Hop, and the world, I just wanted to create something fun with Pete.” 

You can listen to "Get Loose" below. The Jordan Era is due out May 3 on Payday Records. For more on Saigon, check out the artist on Instagram. Fredro's Instagram can he found here.

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