Thursday, February 8, 2024

Kate Nash - "Change"

Photo by Jack Buster

Despite my hatred of most pop music, I've always liked Kate Nash. Maybe it's because she's British, but her music has always seemed to be a higher, more clever version of pop. It's always been the kind of pop music it's ok for American indie rock snobs to openly love. That continues with her latest single, "Change." This one is an absolutely beautiful ballad. At this point, the song is probably more on the Adult Contemporary side of things with artists like Ben Folds or Jewel. It starts off as a lovely and simple song, and just grows to an epic, orchestral ballad. "Change" might not have the same biting edge of her earlier work, but Kate Nash has never sounded better than she does now.

Kate Nash says of her latest single:

‘Change’ is about relationships and how they are ever-evolving, constant effort is required to maintain good relationships. You can’t become complacent with others or with yourself. But you also have to learn to accept when a relationship is over, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship or a working relationship or even something within yourself that has become toxic or negative in some way. Things end, and that’s ok. My mum always told me to sleep on it if I was having trouble with something. She always said it’ll be easier to deal with in the morning, and that thought still comforts me now. When the sun comes up, it’s a new day, and there’s a new opportunity to make changes, make your bed, make a cup of coffee and be honest with yourself.

You can listen to "Change" below. The single is available now via Kill Rock Stars. For more on Kate Nash, check out the artist's website.

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