Monday, February 5, 2024

Molly O'Leary - "Echo"

Photo by Maggie By the Millimeter

New Bedford's Molly O'Leary just released a new single that was written for their older brothers. "Echo" is a captivating folk-pop song that starts off quietly before sweeping the listener up in a wave of sound. O'Leary is almost whispering at some points in the song, which gives "Echo" a confessional feeling, almost like this is truly meant just for their siblings. The song reminds me of a cross between Mary Lou Lord's major label period and early The Cranberries. O'Leary's latest is the rare song that fixes folk, pop, and indie rock in equal measures and works perfectly.

Molly O'Leary says of their latest single:

“I wrote this song for my big brothers. I wanted them to know that, even as we get older, I will always need them. My brother Tommy is a drummer, and my brother Teddy is a cardiologist (aka a heart doctor), hence the references to the drum and the heart in the bridge. I think it’s interesting that both of their jobs have to do with pulses, with beats. There are other references in the song to this theme but I'll leave them unsaid for listeners to find. Also, Megan Coleman is on drums for this song and the whole record, and she completely nailed it. I especially wanted this song to be drum focused, and I love how it came out.”

You can listen to "Echo" below. Marigold is due out February 23, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Molly O'Leary, check out the artist's website. Upcoming lives dates are below the song.

06 - Somerville, MA @ The Jungle
24 - Providence, RI @ ASKEW (Album Release Show)
03 - New Bedford, MA @ Sight V Sound
13 - Amherst, MA @ The Drake

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