Thursday, February 1, 2024

jjuujjuu featuring Boogarins - "SOME"

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

jjuujjuu are an experimental Los Angeles based collective led by Desert Daze co-founder Phil Pirrone. Their latest single, "SOME," features the group teaming with Brazilian pysch rock band Boogarins. To say "SOME" is trippy would be an understatement. It somehow seems to include just about every version of psychedelic music out there today. There's some classic 60's psychedelia, 70's garage, world music, electronic/dance music, modern indie psych rock, and more that I haven't been able to root out of the song yet. This might make "SOME" sound a little too hippie for some listeners, but I assure you that is not the case. jjuujjuu's latest is this intense and laid back song perfect for dancing up a storm or just chilling and taking in the vibes.

Phil Pirrone says of the new song:

We sent the track to Boogarins, who added a really beautiful bridge to the song, and vocals oscillating between English and Portuguese. Something in this song recalls early childhood memories of Muppet Babies or Elton John ‘Benny and the Jets’... but in a really weird (but good) way. End result feels like a flower dancing on the sand under a Sao Paolo sun.”

You can listen to "SOME" below. For more on jjuujjuu, check out the artist's website. Upcoming tour dates are below the song.

4/12 San Francisco, CA - The Chapel

4/14 Indio, CA - Coachella

4/21 Indio, CA - Coachella

5/17 Austin, TX - 13th Floor

5/19 Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme

5/20 Detroit, MI - Lager House

5/21 Toronto, ON - The Garrison

5/27 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera a la ciutat

7/30 Ft Collins, CO - Aggie Theater

7/31 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge

8/1 Vancouver, BC - The Pearl

8/6 Atlanta, GA - The Earl

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