Monday, February 26, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 16 February 2024

Artist: Heems and Lapgan
Quick Thoughts: An early entry for rap album of the year, Heems (formerly of Das Racist) and Lapgan have one hell of a compelling little rap album here, equal parts irreverent and irresistable. Carries a lot of the early Das Racist vibes in a lot of ways, and it's absolutely worth checking out.
Songs of Note: "I'm Pretty Cool," "Sri Lanka," "Baba Ganoush," "Bukayo Saka"

Artist: Lime Garden
Album: One More Thing
Quick Thoughts: Lime Garden's brand of alt-indie always hits the mark, and I don't think this album is going to be the one to make me think otherwise. Tight songwriting with some certified bangers ("Nepotism (Baby)" is excellent), it's definitely going to fill that rock-shaped hole in your heart.
Songs of Note: "Mother," "Nepotism (Baby)," "Pine," "It"

Artist: Varsity
Album: Souvenirs
Quick Thoughts: More indie pop than alt-rock, Varsity's album here feels bright and shiny despite it all. I don't have a ton to say about this one except that "Done With Bits" is a marvelous song and marvelous song title, and the whole album is worthy of your time.
Songs of Note: "Done With Bits," "Take It The Wrong Way," "Devil's Tangerine"

Artist: Chromeo
Album: Adult Contemporary
Quick Thoughts: It took a long time for me to get behind the Chromeo gimmick, in that they're a very self-aware retro act that straddles that line almost too well. Adult Contemporary might not be diehards/long-term fans' favorite, but this is an album full of songs that 100% reflect its title. If you're not singing "Personal Effects" for the next month, you're wrong.
Songs of Note: "(I Don't Need A) New Girl," "Lost and Found," "Replacements," "Personal Effects," "CODA"

Artist: Royel Otis
Quick Thoughts: I didn't want to let the week slide without pointing out Royel Otis, who delivers an album with a lot of really great rock songs throughout. "Sofa King" is a catchy bit of juvenalia, "Fried Rice" a great little exercise in songwriting - this isn't going to work for everyone, but it worked for me.
Songs of Note: "Fried Rice," "Foam," "Sofa King," "Always Always," "Big Ciggie"

Artist: Grandaddy
Album: Blu Wav
Quick Thoughts: Grandaddy is fairly legendary in indie rock circles these days, and that Jason Lytle is still putting out quality stuff says a lot about his songwriting. Blu Wav is Americana through a CRT computer monitor, with a real mood and feel to it that I didn't expect to love as much as I did. If you've fallen off the bandwagon over the years, this is as good a time as any to hop back on.
Songs of Note: "Cabin in My Mind," "Ducky, Boris and Dart," "Jukebox App"

Artist: Pouty
Album: Forgot About Me
Quick Thoughts: A late entry for the week for me, it's female-fronted alt-rock with a little bit of attitude. "Virgos Need More Love" is easily my favorite song of the month so far.
Songs of Note: "The Big Stage," "Virgos Need More Love," "Salty"

Of note:

* Nouvelle Vogue - Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Still classic after all these years.)
* Laura Jane Grace - Hole in My Head (Great indie-punk efforts.)
* Les Amazones d'Afrique - Musow Danse * Rosie Frater-Taylor - Featherweight * IDLES - TANGK * Friko - Where we've been, Where we go from here * Omni - Souvenir * San Fermin - Arms * PET NEEDS - Intermittent Fast Living * Sean Ono Lennon - ASTERISMS * Paloma Faith - The Glorification of Sadness * Danielle Durack - Escape Artist * Shadow Show - Fantasy Now! * Gentlemen Rogues - Surface Noise * Prize Horse - Under Sound * San Fermin - Arms * Chad Crouch - Willow Bar Beach Soundwalk * Louien - Every Dream I Ever Had * Mykalle - Da pacem * Zanias - Ecdysis * Quadeca - SCRAPYARD * Molly Lewis - On the Lips * Frances Chang - Psychedelic Anxiety * Mother Mother - Grief Chapter * Middle Kids - Faith Crisis Pt 1 * Cherym - Take It Or Leave It * The Holy - Landmark * Howell - hopeless * Kim Petras - Slut Pop Miami * El Perro del Mar - Big Anonymous * Chewlie - Transforming Matter * Gabby Moreno - Dusk * Shooting Daggers - Love & Rage EPs:

* Butterfly Bulldozer - The Great Becoming of Captain Fuzz * Lilith Ai - Fawn * ili - It's Giving... * Screaming Females - Clover * Devon Ross - Oxford Gardens * Lola Kirke - Country Curious * Jupiter - Captivate 23 * mealworm - mealworm

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