Monday, February 12, 2024


Photo by Stephen Reigh

You're always going to get my attention when you compare a band to Screaming Females and The Jesus Lizard in your email subject line. And you'll keep it if the music lives up to that comparison. The latest from NO MEN was recorded by Steve Albini, just in case you need to up the cool factor. "YOUR TIME IS UP" is a firey and brutal noise punk track. It's an unrelenting in your face song that will make you wish lasted longer than the one minute forty seconds it does. But what a one minute forty second ride "YOUR TIME IS UP" lasts for. Besides the aforementioned Screaming Females and The Jesus Lizard, I'm also hearing the groove of a band like The Gits. Despite all the noisy comparisons, NO MEN somehow inject their music with some killer hooks that will keep you coming back.

You can watch the video for "YOUR TIME IS UP" below. FEAR THIS is due out April 20 on Gezellig Records, and is available via Bandcamp. For more on NO MEN, check out the band's website.

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