Tuesday, February 6, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 2 February 2024

Artist: The Last Dinner Party
Album: Prelude to Ecstacy
Quick Thoughts: "Nothing Matters" has been on constant repeat for most of the winter, so a full-length from this British act provide some soaring, anthemic tunes that are interesting and unique enough to attract the ear of the indie set while providing a radio-friendly sheen that makes you wonder how this is only a debut album. There are so many interesting choices here, especially a song like "Sinner," which feels like it's a gamble that's going to careen down the side of a cliff but somehow holds together and remains memorable. I really liked this album, and I hope this is the first of a lot of great things for them.
Songs of Note: "Nothing Matters," "The Feminine Urge," "Sinner"

Artist: Jeen
Album: Gold Control
Quick Thoughts: This album kept surprising me over and over. It's garage-rock singer-songwriting done right, with great song after great song over and over again. Jeen's put out a number of albums over the last few years, but this latest one might be her best yet. Why she keeps flying under the radar is anyone's guess, but there's no reason to let Gold Control sail by this week.
Songs of Note: "Pour Your Heart," "Just Shadows," "So What," "Give Myself Away," "Good Omen," "Hold My Head Up Higher," "Making Me Mad"

Artist: Rick Rude
Album: Laverne
Quick Thoughts: We're always suckers for bands named after professional wrestlers, and it doesn't hurt that Rick Rude (the band) is basically as much fun as Rick Rude (the wrestler). Laverne is the first proper album we've seen from the band in close to six years, and it's worth the wait with some sharp songwriting and fun music throughout. Don't sleep on this - I'm glad they're back.
Songs of Note: "Real TV," "Winded Whale," "Square," "Agglunination," "Swept Up Slept In," "Area Woman Yells at Junk Mail"

Artist: Vera Sola
Album: Peacemaker
Quick Thoughts: Another song that's been in constant rotation as of late is "Desire Path," which is a gorgeous, smoky tune from rootsy singer-songwriter Vera Sola. It's her second album, with Shapes establishing a sort of goth poeticness in her debut. The new record builds on that with broader instrumentation, darker overtones, and clear growth as a performer and writer. If this doesn't grab you, either something is terribly wrong or everything is going right - it's a favorite of the week.
Songs of Note: "Desire Path," "Hands," "Blood Bond"

Of note:

* The Promised End - For the Buried and the Broken (It nails the melodic heavy balance that's so difficult to attain.)
* The Cavemen - Ca$h for Scrap
* Liquid Mike - Paul Bunyan's Slingshot
* The Paranoid Style - The Interrogator
* Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, and Marta Sofia Honer - The Closest Thing to Silence
* plantoid - Terrapath
* gwEm - Micromusic
* J Mascis - What Do We Do Now
* Meth Math - Chupetones
* Chad Crouch - Johnson Lake Soundwalk
* Lee "Scratch" Perry - King Perry
* Scott Yoder - Scooter Pie
* Sex, Fear - the grackly glare of interference broadcast on every station - why both having stations? why bother bragging to people that they've reached another dead end?
* Cookin Soul and Tha God Fahim - Supreme Dump Legend: Soul Cook Saga
* Dina Ogon - Orion
* Lost Souls of Saturn - Reality
* L Devine - Digital Heartifacts
* Der Den Hale - Pastoral Light


* Gupi - puppeteer my corpse at the renegade please
* Mindchatter - This is a Reminder That You Are Not Behind Your Face
* Neukarapsio - Unreleased II
* Slow Moving Pedestrians - The Hanseatic League EP
* 8485 - software gore
* Ryu Sujeong and XYLO - 2ROX
* Smerz - Allina
* Zombie Cats and BLVCK CROWZ - Sucker Punk EP
* Anika Pyle - Four Corners
* Annalies Tang - Dissapearing Act
* TV Star and Spiral XP - TVXP
* Nostalgix - Star City
* Soft Crash - NRG

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Deap Vally - SISTRIONIX 2.0 (Re-record of their debut as they depart the music scene.)
* Destroyyyyer - the dw destroyer Collection, Vol. 2

Also out:

* Kula Shaker - Natural Magick

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