Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Freebie: Comet Pond - And to Think

Hailing from Massachusetts, Comet Pond released And to Think back in March of 2019 which we recently stumbled on. And to Think is an interesting release. The first two tracks, "Now Forgotten" and "And to Think," are pretty, kinda groovy, laid back alternative with shades of Nada Surf. These segue into "Tuff," which is similar, but more of an organic version of dream pop. From there, And to Think meanders along with this gorgeous, chilled out vibe. At no point does the album ever get boring and you just keep getting more and more sucked in to Comet Pond's sound. It's the kind of album that will grow on you more and more the longer and more often you listen.

You can listen to "Boston Slug" below. And to Think is available for the "name your price" option on Bandcamp. As always, if you download for free, be sure to follow Comet Pond on Facebook.

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