Monday, February 3, 2020

Lady Lamb - "We've Got a Good Thing Going"

With Lady Lamb about to embark on a tour with a string section, I would assume any new music of hers would be quite orchestral. Her latest single, "We've Got a Good Thing Going," doesn't meet that expectation. Her latest single is along the lines of her previous album Even in the Tremor to the point that it sounds like an unreleased song from those sessions. It starts out like a quiet ballad and slowly builds and builds to a near dance number. It's not quite a dance song, but it is quite uplifting and dance friendly. It's basically exactly what we expect (and want!) from Lady Lamb at this point. Plus, it ends with a killer guitar solo. In a Facebook post, Lady Lamb says of the new song "It’s a musing on wanting to be fearless and live really hard. I hope it gives you something good."

You can watch the video for "We've Got a Good Thing Going" below. For more on Lady Lamb, check out her website.

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