Monday, February 24, 2020

Luna Li - "Trying"

Photo by Halle Hirota
Luna Li is the rare indie rock musician with over a decade of classical training, in her case violin and piano. None of that is going to prepare you for her latest song, "Trying." "Trying" is a pop song, but one of the more interesting pop songs I've heard in years. It starts off pretty light in an indie pop kinda way. It has a dreamy, breezy feel to it that brings 60's girl groups into the modern world. And then the crashing cymbals and violins kick in, and even if you hate 95% of what can be considered pop (like myself), you truly need to check this song out.

Luna Li explains the song: "Writing this song was an exercise in vulnerability. I had been listening to the podcast Song Exploder and noticed that the episodes I connected with most were the ones where the artists really opened up. I made a conscious decision to write something vulnerable as a way to combat my shyness and to better connect with others. 

Trying” is about anxiety and the feeling of desperation and sense of unreality that can happen when everything gets to be too overwhelming. The dynamics and dreamy feel of the music reflect the feeling of being dazed and restless."

You can watch the video for "Trying" below. For more on Luna Li, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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