Monday, February 17, 2020

Stella Donnelly Covers John Paul Young

Photo by Poone Ghana
Australian radio station triple j has a new artist in every week to play one of their own songs and to cover a song they love. This segment is called "Like a Version," and we obviously love it. Last week saw Stella Donnelly stop in to cover John Paul Young's "Love is in the Air." Yeah, it's the song you're thinking of. Donnelly does the absolute perfect cover version of this 1977 soft rock classic. It's just the right level of cheesy and schmaltzy, but you can tell Donnelly is having a great time singing it and actually loves the song. She nails that cover songs are supposed to be fun and runs with that. I'd recommend watching the video instead of just listening to the song alone. Her enthusiasm is impossible not to get completely sucked into.

You can watch Stella Donnelly perform "Love is in the Air" below. For more on Stella Donnelly, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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