Thursday, February 27, 2020

M-Dot - "The Atonement"

Photo via Facebook
Boston's M-Dot is back with a new Pete Rock produced single that is perfect for old school hip hop fans. First of all, musically it's not completely smooth and polished sounding. The music is rough and hard, which just feels right to me. Plus, M-Dot's flow isn't the laid back style you hear these days. He raps hard and aggressive in a style I haven't heard in years. Sure, there's a bit of an R&B chorus, but even that seems a lot more edgy than you'd think. 

You can listen to "The Atonement" below. Ego & The Enemy Part 2: A Dissolute Paradise, the upcoming album from M-Dot, doesn't have a release date yet. For more on M-Dot, check out his Facebook and Twitter

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