Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Chloe Foy - "Callous Copper"

The newest release from Chloe Foy isn't truly new, but a re-imagining of songs (some old and some new) with a string quartet. The first we can hear is "Callous Copper." Normally I back away from music that is done with all strings. It can seem a little too big and overblown to me, kind of like it's being done just for movie soundtracks. "Callous Copper" somehow sounds like a current indie folk/pop song, just done with strings instead of banjos. It also keeps a more intimate feel you don't normally associate with a string quartet.

You can listen to "Callous Copper" below. Callous Copper the EP will be out February 21 via AntiFragile. Foy describes the EP: “I adore string music and think so much can be brought out in a song with the addition of violin, viola and ‘cello. So that’s what I’ve aimed for here - a collection of songs, old and new and a cover of one of my favourites by Neil Young. All about birth, love, death and everything in between. The intricate complexities of life and living.” For more on Chloe Foy, check out her website.

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