Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Freebie: Editrix - Talk to Me

Northampton, MA's Editrix are an unusual band, to put it mildly. Their four song EP, Talk to Me, was released back in February 2019. Its four songs have this intense noise that has a little too much structure to truly be a noise band but way too much noise not to. But the strangest factor is singer Wendy Eisenberg's voice. She has a pleasant and soft singing voice that you never ever ever associate with this type of music. A song like "Instant" is this insane wall of ever changing and shifting noise with this nice lilting voice weaving its way through it. It's a combination we don't normally hear, but one that works perfectly.

You can listen to "Instant" below. Talk to Me is available for the name your price option over at Bandcamp. If you choose free, make sure to at least follow Editrix on Instagram.

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