Friday, February 28, 2020

The Informations - "Strange Habits"

"Strange Habits" from The Informations is not the type of song I usually bring you, but I simply can't resist this one. The Informations is a moniker used by one person, whose name is not listed in the press release for this song. According to the press release, The Informations is the "... moniker under which I create music that sounds like lost albums from our youth, bands from countries that never existed, melodies and lyrics from our dreams." Once you hear "Strange Habits," that explanation will make perfect sense. It sounds like a sound collage/mash up of little bits and pieces a DJ would collect, but this appears to be made up from The Informations playing actual instruments, and not sampling. It was recorded in their father's basement studio using obscure instruments. It's a unique style that will assuredly suck you in.

You can watch the video for "Strange Habits" below. For more on The Informations, check out their Facebook.

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