Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Throwing Muses - "Dark Blue"

It's not very often we get to bring you new Throwing Muses, so we're thrilled to bring you their latest song, "Dark Blue." Even by Throwing Muses standards, this new song is dark. As soon as the guitar kicks in, you know you're in for it with this one. When the other instruments kick in, the effect is jarring in the best possible way. As with everything great in Throwing Muses's thirty-plus years, it combines this horrific noise and the beautiful in the best possible way. "Dark Blue" might be the best example of this dichotomy that I've heard from them.

You can listen to "Dark Blue" below. Sun Racket, the upcoming album from Throwing Muses, will be out May 22. Kristin Hersh explains the new album: “All it asked of us was to comingle two completely disparate sonic vocabularies: one heavy noise, the other delicate music box. Turns out we didn’t have to do much. Sun Racket knew what it was doing and pushed us aside, which is always best. After thirty years of playing together, we trust each other implicitly but we trust the music more.” You can pre-order the album here. For more on Throwing Muses, check out their website.

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