Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ben Talmi - "Ralph + Mary"

Photo by Josh Goleman

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Ben Talmi has released a song that is a tribute to his grandparents. "Ralph + Mary" tells the story of how his grandparents met, kept their romance going through the war, and opened a diner called The Sugar Bowl in western Massachusetts. It's the kind of sentimental song I feel I should automatically hate, but Talmi has crafted this absolutely lovely tribute. It's an upbeat song that sounds like a combination of Belle & Sebastian and Ben Folds at their finest. It's orchestral pop that uses a string section without being hokey. Maybe I'm just getting old, but "Ralph + Mary" is the kind of sentimentality that I can't resist these days.

You can watch the video for "Ralph + Mary" below. Berkshires, which is also a tribute to Ben Talmi's hometown of Pittsfield, MA, is due out May 20, and can be pre-saved here. For more on Ben Talmi, check out the artist's website.

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