Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Scrunchies - "Parallel"

Just when I think I can't possibly like Scrunchies (the Minnesota band made up of members of Baby Guts, Kitten Forever, and Bruise Violet), they go and release a song like "Parallel." I'll let vocalist/guitarist Laura Larson explain how the song came together:

"We wanted 'Parallel' to be like 'Squirrel Song' by Shellac, and have these jarring, uneven measures to the verses. I was also very interested in having Danielle do this Kim Gordon-esque deadpan call-and-response vocal delivery in the bridge, almost as a juxtaposition to the song's loose theme of both self-imposed and external hope + idealism vs turbulence + obstruction of being a woman making art during late stage capitalism."

Besides being inspired by Shellac and Kim Gordon, I'm getting some major early Sleater-Kinney vibes from this one. It doesn't quite have the aggression of some of their other recent singles, but when a song is going to be this straight up great no one will be complaining. "Parallel" has this great punk rock call and response throughout propelled by crashing drums and killer indie rock guitar solos. Scrunchies are quickly becoming a favorite around here.

You can listen to "Parallel" here. Feral Coast is due out April 1 on Dirtnap Records and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Scrunchies, check them out on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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