Monday, March 28, 2022

Savoir Faire - "Alias"

Photo by Sarah Belclaire

According to Savoir Faire's Facebook bio, the Boston based musician makes "Indie rock guitar hovering around nostalgia." That is most definitely the case with the latest single. "Alias" starts off as a modern doo wop throwback track along the lines of early Molly Burch. And if that was what this song was all the way through I'd still be gushing about it. Savoir Faire's vocals and guitar work are completely dreamy in this style, and I could easily fall down a rabbit hole of listening to this on repeat. But just as I start to settle into this vibe, the song amps up into more of a rocker while still holding onto the same feeling. It's not a hard left sonic turn, it's more of a slightly unexpected bearing to the right. "Alias" wanders around like this for a while before adding some fabulously intricate guitar work and then closing in a crash much like a Lady Lamb song. Looks like we're going to be paying close attention to Savoir Faire's music from here on.

In a Facebook post, Savoir Faire says of the new song:

"This song is an interrogation on our true selves. If we aren't asking ourselves the hard questions, and really exploring our true identities, then we may not be the 'good guys' that we think we are."

You can listen to "Alias" below. For more on Savoir Faire, check out the artist's website.

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