Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thomas Dollbaum - "All is Well"

Photo by Cora Nimtz

Thomas Dollbaum is a construction worker born in Florida and now based in Louisiana. His new single doesn't sound like anything you would expect from a construction worker. "All is Well" is equal parts Americana and neo-soul. It's leaning a little more into the soul side of things, especially with his vocals. But, the music is a little too sparse and rootsy to truly be soul. The song resides in this interesting space between the two worlds. Plus, Dollbaum's voice just has this unique quality. It's soulful and captivating, but I wouldn't say it's a traditional vocal despite how fantastic his delivery is. "All is Well" is the kind of song that is going to grow and grow on you the more you listen.

You can listen to "All is Well" below. Wellswood is due out May 20 on Big Legal Mess Records, and can be pre-ordrered here. For more on Thomas Dollbaum, check out the artist's Instagram.

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