Monday, March 21, 2022

3LH - "Shadow"

Photo by Rudy Martin - Visual Eyes LA

Southern California garage punks 3LH are going to hit nostalgia buttons you might not have even known you've had. Their latest single, "Shadow," is this brilliant mix of 60's surf and punk with early rock and roll. And by early rock and roll, we don't mean rockabilly. This is pure Richie Havens and Buddy Holly style rock and roll with a modern punk and garage rock shine. "Shadow" might just be the catchiest song of the year, and it's due to these amazing harmonies that haven't been around in at least sixty years. What 3LH are doing here is even more amazing because this isn't a pure throwback sound. They sound purely modern while being steeped in such a nostalgic sound.

You can watch the video for "Shadow" below. Silver Dream Road is out May 13 on My Grito Industries. For more on 3LH, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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