Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Viva Gina - Free Bleeder

Viva Gina is a Boston based band made up of four musicians named Gina: Killer Gina, Prince Gina, Man Eata' Gina, and Funky Cold MeGina. I'm going to assume these aren't legal names, but the band includes members of Sapling and Happy Little Clouds. Their new album, Free Bleeder, is gloriously NSFW which you can tell by the song titles alone. Since Viva Gina includes a member of Sapling, it's an easy place to start comparisons. Free Bleeder has all of the punk attitude of Sapling, but sonically it's more straight up rock 'n' roll and harmonious than MeGina's other band. This album is eight huge songs that land somewhere between The Donnas and Led Zeppelin. The album goes from the thrashy punk of "Your New Girlfriend" to the heaviest power ballad of all time with "Red Dragon." If you're a fan of punk, hard rock, glam rock, riot grrrl, or indie rock, there's something to love with Viva Gina. 

You can listen to "Like a Unicorn" below. Free Bleeder is available now through Bandcamp. For more on Viva Gina, check out the band's Facebook.

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