Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Companion - "Snowbank"

Photo by Francesca McConnell

There seems to be a lot of duos out there these days like Lucius, First Aid Kit, The Secret Sisters, etc that are blurring the lines between folk and pop. Our latest discovery is Fort Collins, CO's Companion. Twin sisters Sophia and Jo Babb have released a new single, "Snowbank." The song is absolutely lovely, and despite how melodic and pop the song feels, it's distinctly not mainstream folk. The pair's harmonizing is truly what drives the song, and their voices have that quality that sounds like they are combining into one. "Snowbank" sounds like it's teetering on the edge of the mainstream and like it's going to head into a more pop territory multiple times, but it never quite does. Instead, it stays as this unique and lovely song that would be labelled as experimental if their voices weren't so traditionally perfect.

Jo Babb says of their new single:

"'Snowbank' was written the morning after a blustery night that left me confused, while certain at the same time. I was full of feelings and this song was born out of them in an instant. Writing it out was extremely cathartic and to this day, playing it feels like an outlet for displaced longing.”

You can watch the video for "Snowbank" below. Second Day of Spring is due out May 27 and can be pre-saved here. For more on Companion, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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