Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Joe Rainey - "can key"

Photo by David Guttenfelder

The latest single from Pow Wow singer Joe Rainey is both the most traditional and experimental of the singles he has released so far. "can key" starts off with Rainey's singing, and then these giant beats come in. It's more industrial than hip hop and truly brings an urgency to the song. Slowly more instruments and sounds come into the song in layers, bringing the song further away from the traditional and into a more experimental and modern world. As the song begins winding down, strings start coming in giving "can key" an orchestral and cinematic feel.

Joe Rainey explains the meaning of his new song:

“'can key' is a reference to a scene in the movie Thunderheart where an FBI agent gets bit by a badger when he sticks his hand in a hole looking for a key in the can."

You can listen to "can key" below. Niineta is due out May 20 on 37d03d, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Joe Rainey, check out his Bandcamp.

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