Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Burp. - "Monkey Man"

Photo via Instagram

I don't think I write so consistently about a band that makes me feel as old as Burp. does. The Lowell band just released a second single, "Monkey Man." I've compared Burp. to early Blink 182 goes art rock, and this new single actually leans more into the art rock side of things. It still has all the tune and brattiness of pop punk, but there's an odd and quite welcome Johnny Marr sound to the guitar. "Monkey Man" has this compelling The Smiths go 90's Warped Tour vibe, and we are here for it. For a band that promotes their goofy side as much as they do, Burp. are one of the most promising young bands in the Boston area today.

You can listen to "Monkey Man" below. For more on Burp., check out the band's Instagram.

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