Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday Freebie: Steam Engines - Lady of the Lake

Steam Engines' Bandcamp profile describes them as "... mostly acoustic music." I can't deny that, but the New Jersey artist is hardly folky. Their latest album, Lady of the Lake, contains a ton of piano, strings, and acoustic guitar, but there's a weird layer of fuzz over quite a bit of it. This is more straightforward alt-singer/songwriter music. The first pair of songs illustrates how different the album can be. The album opener, "Windchimes," is a more acoustic laid back song than the second track. "Windchimes II" is a much more rock oriented song. Lady of the Lake is reminding me quite a bit of early Grand Royal era Ben Lee and Ben Kweller's early solo work. Sure, a lot of it is acoustic, but Steam Engines are much more rock than folk. This is a great alt-rock album that has some serious bedroom recording charm even though this isn't exactly lo-fi.

You can listen to "Speak to Me" below. Lady of the Lake is available now for the "name your price" option over at Bandcamp. If you do choose free, be sure to give Steam Engines a follow over at Twitter and Instagram.

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