Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Elizabeth Moen - "Synthetic Fabrics"

Photo by Alexa Viscius

The latest from Chicago's Elizabeth Moen takes a few different sounds we cover quite a bit here but blends them up in a way we haven't heard before. "Synthetic Fabrics" has elements of indie rock, pop, soul, and garage rock. Moen's vocals are the obvious soul element, and they would be worth talking about alone. But "Synthetic Fabrics" has this truly odd and unique blend of jangly indie rock guitars that have a little garage crunch to them. Plus, she adds in horror movie strings and the whole thing seems to be playing at a speed it wasn't recorded at randomly. Not off by a lot, just a slight amount. It's one of the more unique sounds that doesn't quite match up with Moen's captivating vocal delivery that stops just short of being quirky.

Elizabeth Moen says of her upcoming album:

“This album is an accumulation of great friendships found through learning the hard way about love and other life lessons. It’s filled with good times, bad times, and lots of time spent on the road around the world to write it, make it, and afterwards figure out what to do with it. I’m so happy to finally share this record that embodies what making music means to me: connection and introspection.”

You can listen to "Synthetic Fabrics" below. Wherever You Aren't is due out November 11 and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on Elizabeth Moen, check out the artist's website.

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