Friday, September 2, 2022

Jay Luttrull featuring Mojo Nixon - "Ain't Gonna Pay the Rent"

Photo by Robert Kerr

I was completely unfamiliar with Jay Luttrull until yesterday. He is the former frontman of Seattle rockabilly band Blacktop Deceiver and is now a solo musician based out of Grand Rapid, Michigan. His new single features Mojo Nixon, one of my personal favorite musicians. As Mojo Nixon is (mostly) retired, anything new we hear from the psychobilly legend is a must hear. "Ain't Gonna Pay the Rent" is a country punk ode to not paying rent. Luttrull's Mojo Nixon influence is audible in his singing, which is fantastic enough. Then, much like a hip hop artist will pop in for a verse in the middle of a pop song, Nixon comes in for a rant about paying rent. God, we need more Mojo in this world.

You can watch the video for "Ain't Gonna Pay the Rent" below. Jay Luttrull has a debut solo album due summer 2023. For more on Jay Luttrull, check out his website.

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