Tuesday, September 6, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 2 September 2022

Artist: Terra Pines
Album: Downbeats
Quick Thoughts: I'll come out and say it: no album has gotten me more excited like Downbeats has in years. This album was a musical revelation on all fronts - fuzzy and buzzy while still being super melodic, a perfect mishmash of Low-style slowcore with a 1990s shoegaze sheen, the whole thing is near perfect. I hated how busy this week was because every moment I was listening to other music (with a ton of great releases, mind you) I wasn't listening to Downbeats. Make some time for this one, you will not regret it.
Songs of Note: "Sun Spells," "Blood Moon," "Pinos Altos," "Wiseacre," "Nightshade"

Artist: Hunter Ellis
Album: Princess Daddy
Quick Thoughts: I was unfamiliar with Hunter Ellis prior to this week, but I'm glad this hit my radar. There are a host of really solid, sticky songs in here that just simply work, and I really enjoyed a lot of the songs here. If you like the indie/alt stuff, this is worth a listen.
Songs of Note: "Exit Wounds," "Round the Corner," "Princess Daddy," "Orenda," "For the Beast"

Artist: Akintoye
Album: Anxiety & Circumstance
Quick Thoughts: Akintoye keeps putting out rap songs, and I keep loving them. "Bad Day Ballad" in particular hit my radar a few weeks back and I fell for it almost instantly, and the whole album is filled with honest, deceptively upbeat rap music. It sets itself apart by mixing up the presentation in a way no one else is doing, so take it for a spin.
Songs of Note: "Bad Day Ballad," "Woosah," "The Line"

Artist: Dentist
Album: Making a Scene
Quick Thoughts: I didn't want Dentist to be lost in the shuffle this week, because Making a Scene is a solid album in its own right. Punk-leaning with some catchy tunes, it's a pretty great listen for a busy week.
Songs of Note: "Check the Calendar," "Understand It"

Artist: Bug Bath
Album: (Bug Bath)
Quick Thoughts: I wish Terra Pines didn't blow my socks off this week, because Bug Bath has put out a delightfully noisy rock effort that stands out from the rest. While it certainly isn't trying to reinvent the genre, it absolutely stakes its own claim and makes me wonder what they put in the water out in Reno to make this so appealing. Bug Bath is a band to keep track of, because they could very well end up exploding if things go right.
Songs of Note: "Closer 2 U," "Obsessed," "Every Moment is Pain"

Artist: Kikagaku Moyo
Album: Kumoyo Island
Quick Thoughts: This album is definitely different, with an international flair. If Kurt Vile were from Tokyo, it might sound a lot like this - a good mix of Eastern influences with a modern flair, and, in a lot of ways, I couldn't stop thinking about this album. It's not going to work for everyone, but if you're into it, you're going to be VERY into this.
Songs of Note: "Cardboard Pile," "Daydream Soda," "Yayoi, Iyayoi"

Of note:

* Martha Spencer - Wonderland (When this is on, it is spot-on classic country/roots.)
* Bailey Miller - Still Water (Gorgeous ambient-esque soundscapes.)
* ├śrdop Wolkenscheidt - Kommissar Brenkstrupp: Fragments of a Troubled Detective (A strange, compelling electronic effort.)
* Tom Chaplin - Midpoint (Solo effort from the lead singer of Keane.)
* THUMPER - Delusions of Gradneur (Epic-sounding rock and roll.)
* Robin Lane - Dirt Road to Heaven
* The Sparklers - Miss Philadelphia
* LMD - Flying High
* Cassandra Lewis - Allways, All Ways
* Enablers - Some Gift
* Junior Brother - The Great Irish Famine
* Parekh & Singh - The Night is Clear
* George FitzGerald - Stellar Drifting
* Pale Blue Eyes - Souvenirs
* Mo Troper - MTV
* King Buffalo - Regenerator
* Welcome Strawberry - Welcome Strawberry
* Living Hour - Someday is Today
* Bubble Tea and Cigarettes - There's Nothing But Pleasure
* UNKLE - Ronin II
* Ylayali - separation
* Dead Rabbits - A Different Place
* Unloved - The Pink Album
* Franc Moody - Into the Ether
* Gemma Cullingford - Tongue Tied
* DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ - Bewitched and Beyond
* SOHN - Trust
* CF98 - This Is Fine
* Lake Haze - Henosis
* Sold Ash - Howl a Little Louder Just Don't Spit in My Mouth
* Grozzo Terrazza - Kalte Kostlichkeiten


* The Front Bottoms - Theresa
* nurse joy - flop era
* Alya - Eleven
* Demons - Swallow
* KEG - Girders
* Cryalot - Icarus
* Mount Kimbie - MK 3.5
* Lizzie Reid - Mooching
* Ben Seretan - sandhills music
* Bitchin Bajas - Bajascillators
* Teens in Trouble - Teens in Trouble
* Siv Jakobsen - Gardening, Pt. 1

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Codeine - Dessau (Eight unreleased tracks from 1992.)

Also out:

* Jazz Emu - Digital Spool
* Flowertruck - Partly Cloudy * The Callous Daoboys - Celebrity Therapist * Two Door Cinema Club - Keep On Smiling

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