Thursday, September 8, 2022

girlpuppy - "Destroyer"

Photo by Brandon McClain

With the last two girlpuppy singles, Becca Harvey has been straying more into the worlds of indie rock and indie pop and away from her indie folk roots. "Destroyer" goes back in the direction of folk, but it's certainly not leaving her pop side behind. The song is this mesmerizing song that seems to be pulling between being laid back and upbeat. Harvey's vocals are simply hypnotic. "Destroyer" dances on the border of twee, occasionally dipping in without fully committing. Harvey even adds a little twang to the guitar at times that helps keep the song in the universe of folk. girlpuppy is quickly becoming one of the more intriguing new artists out there today.

Becca Harvey says of her new single:

“I wrote this song in Philadelphia after reading the novel Daisy Jones and The SixThere’s one part of the book where the character Billy Dunne considers kissing a woman outside of his marriage. He acknowledges that if he decided to make that one small decision it would ruin everything else about his life. I consider this kind of thing “The Destroyer,” the one thing you do that could ruin everything else. It’s a song about me also having that opportunity, but deciding against it. It was the first song that producer Sam Acchione and I felt really solid about. (In fact, it's the song that made me know that Sam would be the perfect producer for When I'm Alone.)"

You can watch the video for "Destroyer" below. When I'm Alone is due out October 28 on Royal Mountain Records, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on girlpuppy, check out the artist's website.

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