Wednesday, September 21, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 16 September 2022

Artist: The Beths
Album: Expert in a Dying Field
Quick Thoughts: The Beths are the best indie/alternative rock band going right now. I said it because it's true. Experts is another incredible entry in a discography of what is now three great releases, and the band shows no signs of slowing down. There's not a bad song on here, and they know how to make a tight rock song. One of the best of the summer.
Songs of Note: "Silence is Golden," "Knees Deep," "Head in the Clouds," "I Told You That I Was Afraid"

Artist: Tysk Tysk Task
Album: You're Sorry More
Quick Thoughts: There's not much I can say about Tysk Tysk Task that Ken hasn't said better in his many live reviews and song highlights. What I will add is that the band walks a fine line between careful and chaotic in a way other bands would fail, and what it means is a memorable record that has all the dark horse qualities for an album that will stick with you. A mandatory listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Contagion," "Rosegold," "I Need This"

Artist: DOMi and JD BECK
Album: NOT TiGHT
Quick Thoughts: I joked with Ken that I am "learn about new music from The New Yorker years old," but that's how I learned about the modern jazz-but-not-quite stylings of DOMi and JD BECK. The duo feel like they're making jazz music for people who don't like jazz (like me), and it just works. This won't be to everyone's taste, but I have to admit: it was to mine.
Songs of Note: "NOT TiGHT," "TAKE A CHANCE"

Artist: Well Wisher
Album: That Weight
Quick Thoughts: Well Wisher offers up a powerful, hook-laden indie rock record that feels crunchy and raw in all the right ways. I don't have a ton to say about it - it's one of the more well-done indie rock efforts of the last few months and Well Wisher is an act you should keep on your radar.
Songs of Note: "Need You Around," "29," "Miserable," "That Weight"

Artist: Darkswoon
Album: Bloom // Decay
Quick Thoughts: I always love when bands sound like what their name evokes. Darkswoon is a dreamy, gothy-sounding band that really impressed me on this album, and the heavy gloom that permeates the post-punk framework here just works. Of all the albums out this week, this is probably the one I'm most excited to get back to.
Songs of Note: "Bloom Decay," "Under Glass"

Artist: Starcrawler
Album: She Said
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to highlight this: if there's a such thing as modern indie glam, Starcrawler might be it. Riffs for days, soaring choruses, it's the total package. They're a really underrated and underappreciated rock band, and deserve your attention.
Songs of Note: "Roadkill," "Stranded"

Artist: Lissie
Album: Carving Canyons
Quick Thoughts: I've been a fan of Lissie for ages, and this latest album is the closest I've felt an album was to her early work as anything she's done of late. This feel a lot like classic Lissie, and that means some great songwriting and some catchy hooks to go along with some really introspective lyrics. If you're not on board yet, by all means, it's time.
Songs of Note: "Sad," "Chasing the Sun," "Night Moves," "Unlock the Chains"

Artist: Rina Sawayama
Album: Hold the Girl
Quick Thoughts: If you closed your eyes and heard this on its own, you might be convinced it's a Lady Gaga record. That's how solid this listen is from top to bottom. The edge that a lot of her debut had is gone, but in its place is a really great pop record that deserves your time. Loved this one.
Songs of Note: "Hold the Girl," "This Hell," "Frankenstein"

Of note:

* Herva - Seez (Very Aphex Twin-esque.)
* Gogol Bordello - Dolidaritine (A return to form of sorts.)
* Death Cab for Cutie - Asphalt Meadows (They've fully become a dad rock band and I'm cool with it.)
* Klangstof - Godspeed to the Freaks (There's an alternate timeline where this is Radiohead.)
* Cari Cari - Welcome to Kookoo Island
* Hickeys - Fragile Structure
* (The London) Suede - Autofiction
* Turin Brakes - Wide-Eyed Nowhere
* Marina Allen - Centrifics
* Rhett Miller - The Misfit
* Swim Team - Hurricane
* Jesca Hoop - Order of Romance
* Elizabete Balcus - Hotel Universe
* Maggie Lindemann - SUCKERPUNCH
* Al-Qasar - Who Are We?
* Pencey Sloe - Neglect
* Kai Whiston - Quiet as Kept, F.O.G.
* The Black Angels - Wilderness of Mirrors
* Whitney - Spark
* Jónsi, Sin Fang, Alex Somers, Kjartan Holm - Sounds of Fischer Vol. 1
* LYZZA - Mosquito
* Djo - Decide
* Sotnos - Care About Nothing
* Gloria de Oliveira and Dean Hurley - Oceans of Time
* More Kicks - Punch Drunk
* Laundromat - En Bloc
* Cosey Fanni Tutti - Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes


* Molly Lewis - Mirage
* VTSS - Circulus Vitisus
* Blood Wizard - Imaginary House
* Jordie Lane - The Empty House Tapes, Vol. 1
* Iron and Wine - Lori
* Ela Minus and DJ Python -
* They Are Gutting a Body of Water / A Country Western - An Insult to the Sport
* Kynsy - Something to Do With Love
* carina - spaceout!
* Blood Orange - Four Songs

Also out:

* Marxist Love Disco Ensemble - MDLE
* Brittle Brian - Biodiesel
* Ali McGuirk - Til It's Gone
* Crack Cloud - Tough Baby
* Lorne Berhman - A Little Midnight
* Clutch - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach

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