Tuesday, September 27, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 23 September 2022

Artist: Courting
Album: Guitar Music
Quick Thoughts: The name of this album came across to me as either super earnest or super sarcastic, but it turns out it's neither. Instead, it's a pretty impressive indie record with hints of post-punk that had impressive song after impressive song. This is one that really shouldn't be missed in a week full of good stuff, so make time.
Songs of Note: "Cosplay / Twin Cities," "Tennis," "Crass (Redux)," "Jumper"

Artist: The Barbaras
Album: Oh My God Barbara
Quick Thoughts: It's been a little while since we've heard from any of the Ford sisters, and The Barbaras (Sallie and Weezy) provide a welcome return. It's definitely country-fried fun throughout, and I think part of the record's charm is that it's a serious album without taking itself too seriously. I knew I'd like this, but songs like "Walk of Shame" just ensured that I'd love it.
Songs of Note: "Walk of Shame," "Mail Yerself to Me"

Artist: King of Foxes
Album: Twilight of the Empire
Quick Thoughts: This album was not one I expected to love, especially as the first song leans more into a theatrical presentation, but Twilight of the Empire is an album that works hard to win you over and does a truly awesome job in the process. This is a charming, soaring indie record that feels like it's punching above its weight in all the right ways, so I highly recommend it this week.
Songs of Note: "Only Here on Loan," "Good Man," "Dark Horse"

Artist: Sports Team
Album: Gulp!
Quick Thoughts: Sports Team is a fairly popular band in the UK but not an act I knew much about here. That might explain why I get a sort of Arctic Monkeys vibe in some regards here. I didn't want to lose this one in the shuffle, but it's a solid mainstream listen this week.
Songs of Note: "The Game," "Kool Aid," "Fingers (Taken Off)"

Artist: Maya Hawke
Album: Moss
Quick Thoughts: You know her from Stranger Things, or because you loved the movies her parents did, but Maya Hawke takes her musicianship seriously in a quiet and stark folk affair that feels small and fragile against the type that she is often cast. I really enjoyed this, and it was full of surprises. Give it some time.
Songs of Note: "Bloomed Into Blue," "Hiatus," "Sweet Tooth," "South Elroy"

Artist: Sorcha Richardson
Album: Smiling Like an Idiot
Quick Thoughts: I also wanted to highlight the new album from Sorcha Richardson. I'm still into "High in the Garden" from her previous record, and this album continues along the same lines and serves as a great singer-songwriter record with catchy melodies and more. In a busy week, don't skip this one.
Songs of Note: "Stalemate," "Hard to Fake It," "Spotlight Television"

Artist: Lande Hekt
Album: House Without a View
Quick Thoughts: We like Lande Hekt a lot here, and this latest album is exactly what I wanted and expected. It's got a lot of hooks, and songs like "Gay Space Cadets" just work even when you feel positive you're waiting for a misstep. Lande Hekt might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I definitely rank this as a favorite this week.
Songs of Note: "Backstreet Snow," "Cut My Hair," "Gay Space Cadets," "Take a Break"

Artist: Yumi and the Weather
Album: It's All In My Head
Quick Thoughts: Yumi and the Weather are another band I didn't know prior to this week, and I'll be damned if they didn't impress on first listen. It's got plenty of alt-rock sensibilities, but there's an edge and grit to it that ultimately sets the record apart. Of all the albums this week, I'm definitely most excited to get back to this one.
Songs of Note: "It's All In My Head," "Be Your Lover," "Start As You Mean To Go On"

Artist: Dead Pony
Album: War Boys
Quick Thoughts: I don't always profile EPs here, but I challenge you to listen to this and not fall instantly in love with Dead Pony. Every single song they have released is incredible, and "23, Never Me" may be the best title of a song I've ever heard. Anthemic, hook-drenched indie rock. DO NOT MISS THIS.
Songs of Note: "Bullet Farm," "Zero," "All Dressed Up For Nothing," "23, Never Me," "War Boys"

Of note:

* The Upfux and Noise Complaint - Coastal Collapse (Think if your favorite ska band married a metal band.)
* Verdena - Volevo Magia (Often gorgeous music out of Italy.)
* Tim Burgess - Typical Music (Super-poppy album from top to bottom.)
* Vatican Shadow - Coast Guard Gulf of Blood
* Divino Nino - Last Spa on Earth
* Beth Orton - Weather Alive
* Jesse Baylin - Jersey Girl
* Future Teens - Self Help
* Jesse Jo Stark - DOOMED
* De Lux - Do You Need a Release?
* Jake Blount - The New Faith
* Sofie Royer - Harlequin
* Vril and Rodhad - Out of Place Artefacts - 2
* Sunny Sweeney - Married Alone
* Michelle Branch - The Trouble With Fever
* Caroline Shaw and Attacca Quartet - Evergreen
* Editors - EBM
* Eerie Wanda - Internal Radio
* The Comet is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam
* Nikki Lane - Denim and Diamonds
* The Crystal Furs - In Coastal Light
* Modern Chemistry - my battery is low and it's getting dark
* Vanessa Amara - Fonetica Amara
* DJ Q - Est. 2003
* The Tallest Man on Earth - Too Late for Edelweiss
* Jackie Cohen - Pratfall
* Knife Girl - Uniform
* death's dynamic shroud - Darklife


* Lure Division - Omnimovie
* Couch Prints - Waterfall
* Crow Billiken - If I don't have red I use blue
* Lurid Purple Flowers - No Sympathy
* Chloe Lilac - You Were Good to Me
* Izzy Oram Brown - Mess
* Aaron Turner and Jon Mueller - Now That You've Found It
* Remember Sports - Leap Day
* Alexis Castrogiovanni - Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like a Range of Mountains

Also out:

* Celebration Summer - Patience in Presence
*/ clipping. - REMXNG 2.1
* The Harlem Gospel Travelers - Look Up!
* Armin van Buuren - Live on Love
* Francis Lung - Short Stories
* Zoon - A Sterling Murmuration
* Klara Keller - BANG
* Silkback - ALTERNATE_
* The Soft Moon - Exister
* Quitters - Captain Are We Thinking?
* Weezer - SZNZ: Autumn
* Blag Dahlia - Introducing Ralph Champagne
* Nils Frahm - Music for Animals
* Geoff Palmer - Standing in the Spotlight

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