Monday, May 15, 2023

blindspot - "Still Breathing"

Photo via Facebook

The latest from Boston's blindspot occupies an interesting sonic territory. "Still Breathing" is far too pop to be considered a rock song. In particular, Alexa Economou's vocals are enchantingly poppy. But, the song just has too much of an edge to truly be pop. If anything, it's edgy power pop that leans way into the pop side of things without quite diving all the way in, while still being a rock song. I'm going to implore you to listen to "Still Breathing" all the way through, especially if you normally turn away from more pop based music. Even if it doesn't fully grab you at first, blindspot have this natural charm that is destined to win you over by the time it's over.

You can watch the video for "Still Breathing" below. For more on blindspot, check out the band's website.

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