Tuesday, May 23, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 19 May 2023

Artist: Hannah Jadagu
Album: Aperture
Quick Thoughts: Hannah Jadagu is likely to become your new favorite. The fact that she's only 19 and has strung together such an awesome collection of indie rock tunes is stunning. It's absolutely informed by the indie music of the last few decades (which means dear god we're old here), but it absolutely feels like it's its own thing, and that's what sets it apart from anything else as of late. You'll love this album if you give it a shot, it's as close to a guarantee as I can give.
Songs of Note: "Say It Now," "Dreaming"

Artist: Lauren Early
Album: Don't Take My Dream Away
Quick Thoughts: Ken sent this over and I didn't know Lauren Early prior to now but I'm glad I do. Her sound is reminiscent of early Colleen Green with a little more drum programming and a little less retro flair. I liked this quite a bit, and it's worth the time.
Songs of Note: "Never Knows Best," "Good Girl Bad Boy"

Artist: The Milk Carton Kids
Album: I Only See the Moon
Quick Thoughts: The Milk Carton Kids keep putting out classic roots albums that are awesome, and what I didn't expect was to see the duo lean more heavily into the grittier bluegrass elements. There's a certain sheen of dirt on this one that is missing from previous efforts, and it makes this album feel a little more special.
Songs of Note: "Will You Remember Me?" "Running on Sweet Smile," "Body & Soul," "One True Love"

Artist: PONY
Album: Velveteen
Quick Thoughts: "Sucker Punch" ended up on some Spotify playlist for me a while back, and I loved it just as much for its brutal earworm of a hook as I did the production value. The rest of the album? It's all killer, with a pop-infused fuzz that carries its own weight. Don't miss this one, it's power pop done right.
Songs of Note: "Peach," "Who's Calling," "Sucker Punch," "Haunted House," "Haircut"

Artist: Alex Lahey
Album: The Answer is Always Yes
Quick Thoughts: Alex Lahey felt like she arrived on the scene as a fully formed musical revelation, and her third album provides more of the consistently great indie rock she's known for. Still anthemic, still angsty, and still deserves to be spoken of in the same breath as the boygenius women. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Good Time," "Congratulations," "The Sky is Melting," "Makes Me Sick," "Shit Talkin'," They Wouldn't Let Me In"

Artist: Paper Bee
Album: Thaw, Freeze, Thaw
Quick Thoughts: This was a surprise for me this week. Paper Bee offers the sort of stark, lower-fi indie confessional that resonates with everyone even with many of its specific messages and intentions. The Philly-based band is definitely likely to make a splash with this full-length debut, and I am glad I tripped up on it. A true highlight of the week.
Songs of Note: "Body of Water," "To be Mud," "I don't Talk to You"

Artist: Lisasinson
Album: Un Año de Cambios
Quick Thoughts: In a busy busy week, I didn't want to lose track of Lisasinson, which is Spanish-language grunge with a whole lot to love. Don't be dissuaded from any language barrier you might have here, because this is a super fun record and one of the better listens of the week.
Songs of Note: "Se Me Ha Mureto Una Flor," "Mochi," "Turquesa Marquesa," "Ya Me Di Igual"

Of note:

* Whitney Rose - Rosie (Awesome classic-sounding country.)
* Jealous of the Birds - Hinterland (Brutally honest indie rock in all the right ways.)
* Cinema Stare - The Things I Don't Need (Solid emo-adjacent rock.)
* Emma Hewitt - Ghost of the Light
* The Parlor - You Are Love and I Am You
* Cathedral Bells - Everything at Once
* The Cavves - Settle Down in a Guest Bedroom
* Leith Ross - To Learn
* Califone - villagers
* Sir Chloe - I Am the Dog
* Leaving Laurel - when the quiet comes
* Pozi - Smiling Pools
* Allie Crow Buckley - Uptopian Fantasy
* The Murlocs - Calm Ya Farm
* GracieHorse - L.A. Shit
* The Telescopes - Of Tomorrow
* Blue Mena - Multi Adolescence
* Smoke DZA - Worldwide Smoke Session, Vol. 2
* La Femme - Paris-Hawai
* Kicking Bird - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
* Stella Rose - Eyes of Glass
* Daniel Avery - More Truth
* Helvetia - Everybody Come on Man
* Foyer Red - Yarn the Hours Away
* Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way
* Mega Bog - End of Everything
* bar italia - Tracey Denim


* The Downhauls - Scream Into the Void (This is awesome.)
* The Dare - The Sex EP (If LCD Soundsystem were hornier, this might be what it would sound like.)
* Nora En Pure - Wholehearted EP
* psykhi - Forest People
* Ghost - Phantomime
* Karen Took the Kids - Career Pulp
* HotWax - A Thousand Times
* Lucy From the Internet - Lucy From the Internet
* Julez and the Rollerz - Is This Where the Party Is?
* Blawan - Dismantled into Juice
* Brian Eno - Kazakhstan

Also out:

* Tinariwen - Amatssou
* Horse Jumper of Love - Heartbreak Rules
* Estee Nack - Nacksaw Jim Duggan
* Sufjan Stevens, Timo Andres, and Conor Hanick - Reflections

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