Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Teenage Fanclub - "Foreign Land"

Photo by Donald Milne

Scotland's Teenage Fanclub have been indie darlings since forming in 1989, so they have a ton of credibility, and have had it for decades. Their latest single, "Foreign Land," sees the band mellowing out a bit and going slightly into a more Americana laced territory. The song gives off some serious Wilco vibes, with harmonies more along the lines of The Band. The whole thing is more psychedelic than indie rock, but it keeps the band's power pop roots intact. It's a fun and rambling song that may surprise fans of their 90's albums, but if you're ready to embrace Teenage Fanclub as dad rock (with some killer organ work!), "Foreign Land" will be perfect for you.

Raymond McGinkley says of their upcoming album and new song:

“When we got offered ten days in Rockfield, we weren’t ready in our minds but then we just thought, ‘Fuck it’ and went for it. If you’re sitting around waiting for the stars to align, you can end up never doing anything. We turned up and worked our way through ideas, and came up with some while we were there. The song 'Foreign Land' was born in the studio. If we hadn’t gone there at that point through happenstance, that song wouldn’t exist. We like to let things happen. As people, we find a deadline inspiring. We like to put ourselves on the spot and see what happens. We usually get away with it. This record is the cliche of the blank canvas, which thankfully we managed to fill.”

You can watch the video for "Foreign Land" below. Nothing Lasts Forever is due out September 22 on Merge Records, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Teenage Fanclub, check out the band's website.

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