Friday, May 19, 2023

Noble Dust - "A Picture for a Frame"

Boston's Noble Dust are a folk band, although that description doesn't quite match their music. Their latest single, "A Picture for a Frame," has all of the elements of folk music, but with it's delicate strings and horns, it adds in more than a little bit of jazz and orchestral music. "A Picture for a Frame" is filled with lush vocals that match the instrumentation perfectly. Noble Dust have crafted an intricate song that is at times quiet and mellow and more raucous at others, while maintaining the same beauty throughout. This is definitely a band to keep a close eye on. 

You can listen to "A Picture for a Frame" below. The album A Picture for a Frame, which was inspired by World War II era letters between guitarist/singer Emily Cunningham's gtandfather while he was stationed in the South Pacific and her grandmother back home in Roxbury, MA, is due out August 25. For more on Noble Dust, check out the band's website.

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