Thursday, May 11, 2023

Sand Box - "Free"

Photo by Michelle Shiers

Sand Box is the Los Angeles based duo of Kylie Hazzard (guitar, bass, vocals) and Cameron Black (sax). Their new single, "Free," is an oddly avant-garde swirling of styles. Hazzard's vocals are fairly pop and jazzy, and are accentuated by Black's saxophone in a punctuating way. There's some distorted guitar that punches its way in and out. In fact, everything about "Free" is relatively mainstream except that nothing quite matches. It's like they took tracks from different songs in different genres and just played them at once to see what happens. And it works somehow. It's an odd song made that much more odd by how normal it almost is.

You can listen to "Free" below. For more on Sand Box, check them out on Instagram.

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