Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Love Crumbs & Cloudbelly - "Vacant Dreams"

Photo by Nathan Oldham

Love Crumbs are a folk/rock and indie trio based out of Massachusetts. When working on their latest single, they couldn't quite get the vocals quite right, so they called upon their friend, Corey Laitman of Cloudbelly. That started off the collaborative single, "Vacant Dreams." This new song is a gorgeous and lush song that has elements of straightforward folk/rock mixed with some indie noise that adds more beauty to the song. It's a powerful song with a powerful subject of loving someone struggling with addiction. Every element of this song just accentuates all other elements. It starts off simply and just builds into a soaring, epic masterpiece. Not many folk/rock songs can hit the six plus minute mark and still have you wanting more, but "Vacant Dreams" does just that.

Michael Dubuque of Love Crumbs says of his band's new song:

"This song is about my brother - about loving and grieving the loss of my relationship with my brother while he struggles with his drug addiction. I am an addict in recovery, so I have always had a lot of deep and resounding empathy for his struggle.
"The song is about trying to let go and to accept the situation as it is.  I tried to write completely without judgment, with love, and also to acknowledge the pain that I was in. Honestly, some part of me wishes that I could reach him through song if I bared my soul.

"The dream I had of him getting and staying clean became a vacant dream and I had to accept that. So, it was a purging of sorts of this pain that was so deep that I have, myself, despaired of life.  Anyway, it's all very hard to write about, as the song was."

You can listen to "Vacant Dreams" below. For more on Love Crumbs, check out the artist's website. For more on Cloudbelly, check theirs out here.

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