Tuesday, May 30, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 26 May 2023

Artist: Miya Folick
Album: ROACH
Quick Thoughts: Miya Folick has carved a nice little singer-songwritery niche for herself in recent years, and her latest effort feels like a leveling up of sorts. Solid, compelling songwriting and interesting instrumentation make for a really great album that could serve to launch her into the bigger conversation.
Songs of Note: "Bad Thing," "Get Out of My House," "Drugs or People," "Cartoon Clouds," "Shortstop"

Artist: Kassi Valazza
Album: Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing
Quick Thoughts: This album made both of our shortlists this week, and it delivers. It's a gorgeous slice of Americana with enough familiar trappings to offset its own unique voice. I loved, loved, loved this album and would recommend it even in a busy week. Absolutely worth your time.
Songs of Note: "Song for a Season," "Rapture," "Smile"

Artist: Clark
Album: Sus Dog
Quick Thoughts: Clark is a producer/musician who just quietly released one of the better electronic records in recent memory. I tripped up on this because of the Thom Yorke guest spot on "Medicine," but the whole album expertly straddles the line between challenging IDM and more straightforward club bangers. A mandatory listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Town Crank," "Clutch Pearlers," "Medicine"

Artist: Pink Birds
Album: All is Free and Better
Quick Thoughts: Pink Birds is the perfect act for our time. The modern incarnation of Ladies Gun Club bills themselves as "Emmylou Harris meets PJ Harvey" and I cannot agree more. It's got a sort of smoky barroom feel while never being predictable, and for every song like "Wake Me," you get a more aggressive "Jacksmoke" or the absolutely manic Bjork cover. This is my favorite listen this week by far, and you shouldn't miss it.
Songs of Note: "Wake Me," "Howling Wind," "Crawling Down the White Line," "Trophies," "Jacksmoke," "Army of Me"

Artist: Yuksek
Album: Dance'O'Drome
Quick Thoughts: Yuksek continues with the disco revivalist mindset we've come to see in some recent releases. This is a fun and upbeat listen with some serious danceability and hooks for days - "The Night" in particular is a favorite of the week overall. Definitely check this one out.
Songs of Note: "Santas Almas Benditas," "Overly Human," "The Night," "Dance'O'Drome"

Artist: Twin Princess
Album: Blood Moon
Quick Thoughts: A shout-out to Twin Princess, who supply a fun record this week that's filled with all the sort of synthy goodness you come to expect these days. I loved this album in so many ways, and if "Allston" doesn't grab you I don't know what to say. Just a solid album from start to finish.
Songs of Note: "Allston," "Blood Moon"

Of note:

* Sparks - The Girl is Crying in Her Latte (A fairly solid new effort from the legends of art pop.)
* Jam City - Jam City Presents EFM
* Divine Sweater - Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse)
* sophie meiers - shine__space
* AJJ - Disposable Everything
* M. Sage - Paradise Crick
* Stuck - Freak Frequency
* Miranda & the Beat - Miranda & the Beat
* Ultramarine - Send and Return
* Kevin Morby - More Photographs (A Continuum)
* Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine
* Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed
* Radiator Hospital - Can't Make Any Promises


* Saya Gray - QWERTY
* The Dandy Warhols - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
* Fishbone - Fishbone
* Dev Lemons - Delusional
* Luxury Deathtrap - This Armor
* Grave Saddles - There You Ain't
* Only Child - Srs One
* Loyal Lobos - Una Freak
* quickly, quickly - Easy Listening
* Daði Freyr - I'm Still Making an Album 2/3
* The Orielles - The Goyt Method
* UgLi - girldick.
* Allison de Groot and Tatiana Hargreaves - Hurricane Clarice: Outtakes, Vol. 1

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Toad the Wet Sprocket - All You Want (Bonus Edition)
* Noisia - The Resonance IV

Also out:

* Panic Pocket - Mad Half Hour

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