Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Wyn Doran - "hold on for another day"

Photo via Facebook

"hold on for another day," the latest single from Wyn Doran, was written years ago and recently came back to Doran. It's an absolutely gorgeous song that is a little bit folk and a little bit pop. The focus of the song is Doran's vocals, and she sounds amazing in "hold on for another day." You can feel every single emotion in her voice. Doran releasing emotional music, particularly music with a heaviness and sadness to it, isn't anything new. But as sad as this new song is, there is also an audible sense of hope. It may not be the happiest of songs, but it is surprisingly uplifting.

You can listen to "hold on for another day" below. Wyn Doran just finished recording a new album with her band Wyn & The White Light. Hopefully we'll be bringing you more of that soon. For more on Wyn Doran, check out the artist's website.

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