Thursday, May 4, 2023

Jess Williamson - "Chasing Spirits"

Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Sometimes there are just artists making straightforward music but have a little extra something that makes them stand apart from their peers. Jess Williamson is one of those artists. Her latest single, "Chasing Spirits," is your standard Americana tinged singer/songwriter releases. But something about the song is just endlessly captivating. Williamson just has something in her delivery that sucks you in. The song is reminding me a lot of other favorites like Nikki Lane or Jenny Lewis' earlier more Americana based solo releases. I can't say "Chasing Spirits" sounds like either of them, but it's more that Williamson shares their innate ability to make you want to listen harder.

Jess Williamson says of her newest song:

"'Chasing Spirits' opens with a question: are my love songs lies now that the love is gone? You can write a deeply devotional love song about a partner and then one day break up. In that same vein, the title of this song has multiple interpretations. Chasing spirits can be a way of trying to connect with supernatural entities or one’s own higher self, and also, you order spirits at the bar or pick them up at the liquor store, maybe with a chaser."

You can watch the video for "Chasing Spirits" below. Time Ain't Accidental is due out June 9 on Mexican Summer, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Jess Williamson, check out the artist's website. Upcoming tour dates are below the video.

5/19 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement

5/20 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement

5/23 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

5/24 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

5/26 - Woodstock, NY @ Levon Helm Studios

5/27 - Toronto, ON @ The Monarch Tavern 

5/28 - Pittsburgh, PA @ WonderWorks Music & Arts Festival

5/30 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hi-Fi

5/31 - Chicago, IL @ Judson & Moore

6/1 - Chicago, IL @ Judson & Moore

6/2 - Spring Green, WI - Shitty Barn Sessions

6/3 - Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club

6/5 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Back Room @ Colectivo

6/6 - Davenport, IA @ Raccoon Motel

6/8 - Dallas, TX @ The Sundown

6/9 - Austin, TX - Continental Club

6/10 - Austin, TX - Continental Club

6/17 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon

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