Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Hannah Rose Platt featuring Ed Harcourt - "The Mermaid & The Sailor"

Photo by Ester Keate

Hannah Rose Platt has an upcoming album of "poetic ghost stories," and on her latest single she teams with Ed Harcourt. "The Mermaid & The Sailor" is a nautical folk tale that is going to remind our readers of Charming Disaster in both subject matter and sonically. Platt and Harcourt's tale is a little more lush sonically, but it still has that sparse and haunting feel. Platt seems to take a little extra delight in the duet, with her role of mermaid calling to a sailor. Even if you're not paying attention to the joyful darkness of "The Mermaid & The Sailor," the song is going to appeal just on a purely sonic level.

Hannah Rose Platt says of her new single:

“The Mermaid and the Sailor is a hypnotic ‘Sailor’s Lament’ framed as a conversation exploring addiction, between the Sailor (the addict) and the mermaid (his addiction) whose siren song constantly tempts him back into the water."

You can watch the video for "The Mermaid & The Sailor" below. Deathbed Confessions is due out May 19 on Xtra Mile Recordings, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Hannah Rose Platt, check out the artist's website.

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