Monday, May 15, 2023

Bootsy Collins featuring Baby Triggy and Fantaazma - "Funk Not Fight"

As part of the Funk Not Fight initiative which sees artists lend their voices to the anti-violence cause, funk legend Bootsy Collins has released "Funk Not Fight." The song also sees vocal turns from Baby Triggy and Fantaazma, and it perfectly bridges the glory days of funk that Collins helped usher in during his tenure with James Brown's band and Parliament-Funkadelic. It sounds perfectly vintage and modern at the same time. And, as with anything Bootsy Collins gets involved with, "Funk Not Fight" is just a pure party song that just happens to have an important anti-violence message. 

Bootsy Collins says of his new song:

"I just like to say, check out my latest video. Funk, not fight. We just wanna calm down some of that violence out there. Cause y'all know that it ain't right! Come on now. Jump on board. Let's get the One! For being funk, and not fight. Yeah that's right baby."

You can watch the video for "Funk Not Fight" below. The song is part of an ongoing Funk Not Fight compilation that will feature up-and-coming musicians as well as legacy artists to help end violence. For more on Funk Not Fight, check out the organization's website.

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