Tuesday, May 2, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 28 April 2023

Artist: Nabinah Iqbal
Quick Thoughts: This album literally made me gasp. I thought it was a solid ambient effort, and then the noisy shoegazey songs came in, and the way that this jumps between concepts and ideas and musical... everything. Wow. It just works, and in a really gorgeous and surprising way. LOVED this album, do not skip it.
Songs of Note: "Dreamer," "Sunflower"

Artist: Braids
Album: Euphoric Recall
Quick Thoughts: I've been a fan of Braids for ages, and this latest album feels like a pop-ish turn for the electronic act. It really works well, with the opening track setting the tone for an album with great song after great song. If you haven't gotten into Braids yet, this is as good as any a place to start.
Songs of Note: "Supernova," "Evolution," "Millennia"

Artist: Indigo de Souza
Album: All of This Will End
Quick Thoughts: The problem with streaming music and not spending a lot of time with the radio is that you end up with no idea as to what is popular. Indigo de Souza, on her latest album, puts forward an album that should cement her as one of alt-rock's leading ladies along with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus and Alex Lahey and Courtney Barnett and the like. I don't think there's a bad song on this album, and more people should know about it.
Songs of Note: "You Can Be Mean," "Smog," "Always," "Younger & Dumber"

Artist: Jessie Ware
Album: That! Feels Good!
Quick Thoughts: The reigning queen of modern disco is back with a sex-positive dance record that feels both modern and like it was transported from the turn of the 1980s. It's a fun listen, doesn't take itself too seriously, and yet feels very weighty in spite of the genre. In a busy week, it's still noteworthy, so check it out.
Songs of Note: "Free Yourself," "Begin Again," "Shake the Bottle"

Artist: Tiny Ruins
Album: Ceremony
Quick Thoughts: I didn't want to lose sight of Tiny Ruins this week, who put out a great indie record with some really catchy songs that shouldn't be missed. It stands out beyond its peers and is worth the time.
Songs of Note: "Dorothy Bay," "Dogs Dreaming," "Sounds Like"

Artist: Neggy Gemmy
Album: CBD Reiki Moonbeam
Quick Thoughts: I know a lot of people are over the hyperpop thing, but Neggy Gemmy arguably does hyperpop-as-mainstream as well as anyone this side of Charli XCX. It doesn't take itself too seriously and provides a fun little dance-pop record that's an unexpected delight.
Songs of Note: "Black Ferrari," "Beep Beep," "Seeing Stars," "Playing on my Phone," "On the Floor"

Of note:

* Male Tears - KRYPT (Pitch perfect goth synth.)
* Dragon Inn 3 - Trade Secrets (Indie pop featuring members of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.)
* Glen Matlock - Consequences Caming (This is a lot better than it has any right to be.)
* Great Lake Swimmers - Uncertain Country (A solid effort from a group with many of them.)
* DJ Crypt - Ginesis
* Doug Tuttle - Keeping Alive
* Draag - Dark Fire Heresy
* The Orb - Prism
* Labrinth - Ends and Begins
* Zoon - Bekka Ma'lingan
* Terr - Consciousness as a State of Matter
* The National - First Two Pages of Frankenstein
* Subheim - Raeon
* Washer - Improved Means to Deteriorated Ends
* Raised on TV - Strangers in Pictures
* Megafauna - Olympico
* Lau Nau - 5 x 4
* Single Mothers - Roy
* Country Westerns - Forgive the City
* Maxine Funke - River Said
* Joy Oladukun - Proof of Life
* Louise Distras - Beauty After Bruises
* Avalon Emerson - & the Charm
* Isola - LP1
* Eddie Japan - Pop Fiction
* OK Cool - fawn
* Sunfruits - One Degree
* Suzanne Sundfor - blomi
* Eomac - Water Tracks


* Annie Blackman - Bug
* Beach House - Become
* Kara Delik - Singularities II
* Shangri-Lass - Over & Over

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Nomark Selects, Vol. 1
* Pearl Jam - Give Way (Live at Melbourne Park)

Also out:

* The Damned - Darkadelic

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