Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Middleman - "Falls Apart"

Photo by Lloyd Clipson

London's Middleman have this great punk style that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time. Despite the members being in their 20's, "Falls Apart" sounds oddly like a throwback. The song has the edgy melodic punk that pre-dates pop punk like The Buzzcocks alongside the noisy, pre-grunge No Wave of Sonic Youth. The song is propelled forward with a ton going on in less than three short minutes. "Falls Apart" is equally dissonant as it is melodic. Middleman could very well be one of those artists you get to brag about hearing first.

Vocalist Noah Alves says the song is about "... "things not turning out how you expect - although that could be for the best. Sonically, I think it's one of our most interesting songs, and Rory's lead part over the chorus highlights that. It feels like us, but a step up from any of the songs we've put out before."

You can watch the video for "Falls Apart" below. John Dillinger Died for You is due out April 19 on Evil Speaker Records. For more on Middleman, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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