Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Red Pears - "Didn't Realize"

Photo by Robert Nunez

Hailing from El Monte, CA, The Red Pairs have one of the freshest takes on the 2000's indie rock/garage rock revival revival. The trio's latest single, "Didn't Realize," takes the sound of that era (particularly The Strokes) and injects the Latin-tinged sound of their childhoods. It's an amazing mixing of sounds, and is just enough of a change to refresh a twenty year old sound and make it fresh again. "Didn't Realize" is the kind of song that only gets more exciting after repeated listens, so if it only kinda sorta works for you after the first listen, you're going to want to give it another shot. 

Henry Vargas (vocals/guitar) says of his band's newest single:

“The lyrics talk about a time when I was trying my best to make things work but no matter what I did nothing seemed to change their mind or fix things. But after time went by I realized that things were actually better, or that some things were clearer to me now. Despite missing them it made me understand a new purpose in life. It allowed me to find who I was without them in the picture.”

You can watch the video for "Didn't Realize" below. Better Late Than Never is due out April 12. For more on The Red Pears, check out the band's website.

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